Here is a friendly break down of General options that are available for your humidor. Some of these prices are estimates as exact preferences and materials may vary per customer. Inquire for prices quotes.

Basic 75 Humidor  12″x9″x5″                      $240.00

Basic 100 Humidor 14x10x6.5                    $270.00

Basic 200 Humidor 21×11.5×6.5                 $310.00

Custom Sizes Also Available on request.   

All sizes  include:

  • Solid Brass Stop Hinge (Upgrade available, see custom hardware for pic)
  •  wood stain
  • Classic Oil/Wax  gun stock style finish
  • Lined bottom
  • Solid wood construction click here for a list of woods included in base price.
  • 1/4″  solid Spanish ceder interior

Additional upgrades available: **Prices include labor cost**

Exotic Woods prices based on species availability

Add Solid Brass Side Rail Hinge $25.00 (1 pair, see custom hardware for pic)

Add Solid Brass rail hinge with support arm $35.00 (1 pair, see custom hardware)

Add Lid Support                         $60.00 (recommended for large humidors)

Add Lacquer Finish                   $70.00 (satin, gloss or mirror finish)

Add engraving                            $45.00 (price will vary depending on size)

Add Paint Job                             $80.00 (includes lacquer mirror finish, additional cost for large humidors)

Add Graphics                              $30.00 (prices vary dependent on size and details)

* Humidors with graphics must be finished with lacquer to protect the graphics. 

Airbrushing                                 $140.00 and up (prices vary depending on detail and size)

Add Dividers                               first two are free, additional are $5.00

Add Tray                                      $35.00

Add Drawer                                 $45.00 (includes brass/nickel knob and lined drawer bottom)

Add Side Handles                       $30.00

Add Mortise Key Lock                $30.00

Add Brusso Push Lock               $55.00

Magnetic lid for attachments      $60.00

Solid Wood Protective Coating $35.00 (greatly reduces wood movement due to seasonal humidity changes)