Payment Options

Lance Allen Humidors is pleased to accept credit card and debit card  transactions. Many businesses use credit cards machines that charge a monthly rental fee. This fee is passed onto the customers.  Lance Allen Humidors has adopted two new services (which do not charge any monthly fees) to make your purchases simple. Our shopping card is linked to PayPal for immediate purchases, however, custom orders can be paid for by any of the services listed below.

  1. PayPal- Customers may use PayPal to pay an invoice.
  2. Square Card Reader – If you don’t want to hassle with PayPal, Lance Allen Humidors will run your credit card number through the Square Software and instantly charge your card and send you a receipt via email.
  3. Invoicing through Wave Accounting. If you request an invoice and don’t want to have to email or call in your credit card information, the new Wave Accounting Invoice Software will provide a direct web link, on your electronic invoice, allowing you to make your payment online. Your receipt is email directly to you.

Lance Allen Humidors is all about OPTIONS! We hope you find these payment choices helpful. As always, if you have any questions, please contact us for more information.